Timothy McGoughran Serves as Planning Chairperson and Moderator of the Annual Family Law Symposium

2017 Family Law Symposium 101

This past weekend, Timothy F. McGoughran, who is currently the Executive Chair of the Family Law Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association, served as the chair person and moderator of the Annual Family Law Symposium in New Brunswick, New Jersey. This annual event draws hundreds of family law judges, attorneys, paralegals, accountants, and other professionals.

This year, over 650 people attended the annual event. Panelists and speakers included some of the top family law judges, lawyers, and professionals in New Jersey. Panel topics ranged from Alimony, Child Support, and Spousal Duties to Domestic Violence Issues to LGBT and Marriage Equality updates. Panel reviews were conducted to discuss both the Top Ten Cases in Family Law and the Unpublished, But Not Unimportant: New 2016 Family Law Cases to Notice. These panels give attendees a more in-depth look into some of todays most important topics within family law.

Timothy McGoughran has served as a panelist at the symposium for many years. With over 30 (thirty) years of experience in family law, Mr. McGoughran feels it is important to use his knowledge and experience to educate others, as well as keeping himself up to date with the latest developments in family law.

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