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We can effectively advise you every step of the way and prepare you for every stage of pursuing or defending a divorce and/or custody action

Divorce is an unfortunate reality in modern society. The failure of a marriage creates uncertainty and anxiety for both spouses and children. It is our job to handle your divorce by negotiating or mediating a cohesive, detailed Marital Settlement Agreement, or vigorously pursuing your interest and goals at trial if an agreement is not possible. Effective legal representation can and should promote your interests and address your concerns.  Your needs and those of your family are our number one concern. Let our experienced and respected Matrimonial Family Law attorneys represent your legal interests and know that you will receive closure of your matter in the most expeditious and cost effective manner possible. We utilize a team approach with the proper use of our secretarial, paralegal and attorney staff members to best suit your needs. The manner in which a divorce action is handled by legal counsel can make all the difference in a tenuous emotional climate, when your lives and your children’s lives must continue on a day to day basis while you wade through an overburdened court system. Regardless of what you hear from friends, family, neighbors, or in the media, every divorce is different and requires independent evaluation of the facts under New Jersey law taking into account the emotional climate, personalities and goals of the parties. Our practical approach can make all the difference.

Whether the issue arises during a divorce case, after a divorce is final, or when an unmarried partnership yields children, no area of family law is more emotionally volatile and fact sensitive than a custody dispute. “The best interest of the children” is the applicable yet nebulous standard that the court will use in custody proceedings. That standard is extremely fact sensitive and reviewed by experienced counsel. In custody determinations, perception of the Court is everything. We can effectively advise you every step of the way and will prepare you for every stage of pursuing or defending a custody action.

In addition, we represent complainants and defendants in domestic violence actions, which often result in restraining orders and even greater legal consequences that some parties are unaware of until they end up at a final hearing in court. There is minimal time to prepare for a final hearing (usually less than 14 days) yet preparation is critical. Domestic violence protections extend not only to married couples but also to unmarried cohabitants and dating relationships. An order entered in a domestic violence action can affect occupancy of real estate, time with your children, and can address emergent support issues. Do not go to a final domestic violence hearing unadvised as that decision may have a long term and potentially irreparable effect on your future.

We handle all other aspects of Matrimonial and Family law including non-marital partnerships, prenuptial agreements, marital torts and post judgment motions. Tim McGoughran is currently the President-Elect of the New Jersey State Bar Association (2022-2023). He is a Past President of the Monmouth Bar Association and a Past Trustee of the Monmouth Bar Association as well as other organizations. Mr. McGoughran is a Past Chair of the Family Law Executive Committee of the State of New Jersey Bar Association, as well as Past Chair of the Family Law Section of the Monmouth Bar Association. He served as Secretary of the District IX Ethics Committee for Monmouth County. Mr. McGoughran was also Past President and Trustee of the Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County and is serving on the Legislative Committee and the Military Affairs Committee.

Legal services in all areas of matrimonial law including divorce, pre-marital agreements, separation agreements, custody, parenting time, child support, alimony and annulments. The firm has four attorneys including partners, an associate who specialize in the field of matrimonial law and they, together with the paralegals, provide full professional and competent legal services in all fields of family law. The Department is supported by John F. DeBartolo, Esq., David S. Mack, Esq., Yessenia Gonzalez, Esq., Associate, Allison McGoughran, Paralegal, and Michelle O’Connor, Paralegal.


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