Areas of Practice

Family Law

Divorce is an unfortunate reality in modern society. The failure of a marriage creates uncertainty and anxiety for both spouses and children. It is our job to handle your divorce by negotiating or mediating a cohesive, detailed Marital Settlement Agreement or vigorously pursuing your interest and goals at trial if an agreement is not possible.

Criminal Defense

Our lawyers are seasoned criminal defense attorneys with experience in state and municipal matters.  We handle criminal defense matters in municipal as well as state courts.  Although we are located in Monmouth County, we defend cases throughout the State of New Jersey.

Typical Matters include DWI, traffic offenses, drug offenses and indictable matters.

Estate Planning

Our Estate practice is an integral part of our mission to protect and provide a full service approach to the rights of our clients. Estate planning is an area that many times is ignored by individuals yet the necessity of having a well thought out plan for the benefit of your successors and heirs is without question. We represent individuals in all aspects of Estate Planning.

Real Estate

We represent clients in all residential and commercial real estate matters in every aspect of the transaction from contract review and negotiation, drafting contracts and loan documents, to securing the necessary  inspections and engineering reports, title insurance, to preparing the closing documents, financing, and final closing of the transaction.