Allison A. McGoughran

Allison has 42 years of experience devoted to matrimonial litigation

Allison A. McGoughran

Allison McGoughran is a matrimonial paralegal and office manager with the Law Office of Timothy F. McGoughran, LLC.  Allison has worked exclusively in the area of family law in New Jersey since 1978 handling all aspects of matrimonial litigation and working with clients in the successful resolution of their particular family matters.  She is an ardent and dedicated supporter of her clients.

Allison obtained an Associate’s Degree from Brookdale Community College.  She previously worked as a paralegal and office manager with Philip Jacobowitz, Esq., for twenty years, and subsequent to that as a paralegal to Timothy F. McGoughran, Esq.  through the current time.  Allison has worked as a paralegal in New Jersey for over forty-two (42) years, all of those years devoted to matrimonial litigation.

Allison avails herself of continuing legal education programs several times each year to keep up to date on current trends in matrimonial law, specifically at the Annual Family Law Symposium in January each year, presented by the NJSBA Family Law Section, the New Jersey State Bar Association Mid-Year Meeting in November of each year, and the New Jersey State Bar Association Annual Meeting and Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey each May, as well as other family law programs and events throughout the year including the New Jersey State Bar Association Family Law Executive Committee annual convention in March of each year.

Allison is the Past President of the Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County and a current Trustee, having previously served as a secretary and trustee for seventeen years. She is dedicated to the purpose of this volunteer position and the organization’s assistance to the community in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Allison was born in Monmouth County and resides in Ocean Township with her husband and is the mother of three children.  She is a former equestrian having competed in New Jersey with her horses in the 1970s in the State as well as representing New Jersey on the national level sponsored by Rutgers University.  During that time she held leadership and officer positions in several equestrian organizations.